Kitty2GO! Closed Box


Kitty2GO!® is the Original Disposable Litterbox System. A Beautifully decorated deluxe sized cat box, which includes The Privacy Panel, The Lid and Base Tray, Custom Draw-tape Liners, EZ Scoop’N’GO® Scoopers and the KittyKat Doormat! Kitty2Go is made in the USA from 100% recyclable, non-toxic materials,completely biodegradable, and will last up to two weeks.

Kitty2Go FP
Litter box
Pine Litter
SCOOPER with Baggie

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Kitty2GO!® Full Kit

Kitty2GO! ®  The Portable and Disposable litter box system. This innovative do-it-yourself kitty litter system is durable and perfect for travel and everyday home use! Lasts up to 30 Days!

Kitty2GO!® Accessories

Need more liners, scoopers or litter? Customize your Kitty2GO!® with extra accessories.

Meet Ava our SpokesCat

Kitty2GO! in use in hotel

Ava is our Kitty2GO! superstar. Rescued when she was a kitten, Ava has developed a love for car rides and traveling. Since she is a kitty always on the go, she also loves her Kitty2GO!

AVA from Kitty2GO!
Closed Kitty2GO!

Our Team

Kitty2GO! is owned and operated by disabled U.S Veterans that are passionate about their pets.

Angelina M. Cortez

Founder and Chair of Kitty2GO!

Founder and Chair

Angelina is a disabled US Army Veteran from New York. She has over 23 years of experience as a successful business woman and over 35 years of experience caring for pets. She has spent the last 12 years working with pet rescue shelters as well as the pet product industry. She is passionate about providing the utmost care and comfort for your furry friends through premium travel products.

Blair Blacker

CEO Kitty2GO!


Blair is a disabled US Army Veteran from Florida. He has over 15 years as an entrepreneur during which time he founded 6 companies, including Green Air International, LLC. Prior to his civil career, Blair was a Colonel is the U.S. Army with 26 years of active duty.

Kitty2GO! in bathroom
Kitty2GO! in bed closed
Kitty2GO! box
Using the Kitty2GO!